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Consulting & Advisory Practices


For *cleared* posts, all candidates introduced carry an
active security clearance, speak more than one language, and hold
advanced degrees.

For posts not requiring clearance, candidates introduced are the best
and brightest in the market, bilingual, graduates of top ten schools,
and possess advanced degrees.

Corporate Security & Business Advisory

Flashpoint Consulting provides: (1) Hotel & Resort Security, (2)
Event Security, (3) Sea/Air/Land Security, (4) Business Intelligence,
(5) Crisis Management, (6) Employee Vetting, (7) Personal Security, and
(8) Close Protection Advisory & Bodyguard Training Services.

Pre-Deployment & Hostile Environment Advisory

Flashpoint Consulting provides overseas consulting to tourists,
volunteers, NGO operators, and journalist scheduled for deployment to
foreign countries with low-to-high threat terrorist advisories.

Global Deployment & Linguistic Solutions

Flashpoint Consulting provides International Bodyguard Association
(IBA) standardized basic and advanced security training, as it relates
to technical surveillance countermeasures, convoy tactics,
defensive/offensive/evasive driving, hostile environmental training,
travel security management, and travel/personal security, for the
locally hired foreign Security Director of a Japanese NGO.

Flashpoint Consulting covers situational awareness briefings
related to pre-/post-deployment, as well as what one might or does
encounter with “boots” on the ground, such as language and cultural

Flashpoint Consulting also provides linguistic advisory training
for the soldier and/or traveler going overseas.
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